How To Make Your Junk Look Bigger With The Aussiebum Wonderjock

by Jacob J. Morris


Is that a banana in your pocket? No, it’s the WonderJock by¬†aussieBum, and this organ-enhancing underwear is designed to give men a little boost with their most prized possession.

AussieBum is a popular, men’s swimwear and underwear manufacturer.

One of their latest creations is the WonderJock–enhancing underwear and swimwear for men. Basically, the front of the underwear is designed with a pouch that you lift your junk into to achieve an enhanced, fuller look.

Examples of WonderJock Swimwear

AussieBum offers almost 50 styles of the WonderJock swimwear in a variety of styles and colors. The swimwear line will run you between $35 and $50 a pair.

Examples Of WonderJock Underwear

AussieBum offers almost 80 styles of WonderJock underwear in a variety of styles and colors, from briefs to jock straps. The underwear will run you about $20 a pair.

The Secret Of Size And The Wonderless Reality

Underwear and swimwear this provocative is certainly designed to allure attention and sexual interest. It basically says, “hey…party of here!”

So what happens when you snag a one night stand and those drawers come off? Will she/he be disappointed with the wonderless reality?

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