Jacob J. Morris


Here are some of the most common scenarios related to Medicare.

Turning 65

  • I am turning 65 in Nevada
  • I am turning 65 in Nevada with Medicaid
  • I want to see if I qualify for any government programs to help pay for my healthcare in Nevada
  • I am still working, and I want to delay enrollment into Medicare Part B and/or Part D in Nevada¬†
  • I never received my original Medicare card or it was lost in the mail

Currently enrolled in Medicare

  • I want to change or review my Medicare Advantage plan in Nevada
  • I want to switch from Medicare Advantage to a Medicare supplement (Medigap) in Nevada
  • I want to switch from a Medicare supplment (Medigap) to Medicare Advantage in Nevada
  • I want to find a better rate on my Medicare supplement (Medigap) or prescription drug plan in Nevada
  • I have a chronic condition (diabetes, heart, lunch) and want to see if I qualify for a chronic-special needs plan
  • I need to find a provider or facility that accepts Medicare or is in-network for my plan
  • I was switched to another Medicare plan without my consent and I need to fix it

Other related issues

  • I have no dental coverage or my current dental coverage does not adquately cover my needs
  • I need more helping paying for prescriptions
  • I need hearing aids
  • I need new eye glasses
  • I need more food
  • I need transportation
  • I need help with housing
  • I need help and/or caregiving support in my home
  • I need help using my smart phone, email, or other technology
  • I need an advocate to help me call Medicare, Social Security, and/or the state welfare (Medicaid) office
  • I need help reducing unwanted phone calls related to Medicare